Bathroom Remodeling Jonesboro

Bathroom Remodeling Jonesboro, Gilkerson, Bono

Casey Turner Construction is a leading Bathroom Remodeler in Jonesboro for a reason. Our team of bathroom designers, carpenters and contractors are licensed, bonded, insured, and highly experienced at their craft. We handle complete bathroom remodeling projects including new shower installations, bathroom tile installation, new bathtub installers, bathroom countertops, bathroom flooring, bathroom paint and more. If you need your bathroom electrical or bathroom plumbing remodeled for a renovation or new construction, Casey Turner Construction can handle your total project for you including the replacement or demolition of bathroom drywall.

We handle every project with care and concern - just like we would handle a build in our own homes. We know that our company is only as good as its reputation, and our reputation is built one job at a time. We are careful to handle every remodeling project according to the highest standards of quality.

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  • Expert Bathroom Design
  • Demolition & Debris Removal
  • Expert Installation
  • Licensed, Bonded, Insured

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Casey Turner Construction provides outstanding service on every project. Ask our contractors about past projects. We're happy to provide pictures of previous bathroom remodels we've handled, and are happy to provide references to happy customers who will tell you all about our process and how they experienced working with us.

At Casey Turner Construction we know most remodeling projects are an inconvenience - especially in your home. We work hard to lighten the burden on our clients, and strive to work until the project is complete according to the highest standards of quality and safety. We really want every customer to come away talking about our professionalism and care to their friends, and we will treat you no different.

If you'd like to get your bathroom remodeled in Jonesboro, Greenfield, Paragould, Walcott, Antioch, Brookland, Caraway or the surrounding areas in Arkansas, please give Casey Turner Construction a Call at 870-606-8566.

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Bathroom Tile Installation

We professionally install bathroom tile for show installations, bathroom flooring, bathroom walls and bathroom countertops.

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Bathroom Additions

We can install bathrooms in small spaces as long as plumbing is present and we have some way to get access to it. Basement bathrooms and small bathroom additions in garages and laundry rooms are popular.

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Walk-In Shower Installers

Walk-in showers are great, and easy access walk-ins designed for the elderly are a popular remodeling choice for many of our remodeling clients in Jonesboro.

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Casey Turner Construction loves building new bathrooms for our clients in Jonesboro, Bono, Cash, Sedgwick, and the surrounding areas of Arkansas. If you have bathroom projects, call us at 870-606-8566.

Our bathroom remodeling professionals are standing by to help you design your brand new bathrooms according to your wishes. Options range from the latest in style or classic, simple, functional bathrooms. Every project is completed according to all local building and safety codes and according to our very high standards of quality.

Our bathroom remodelers are experienced professionals with years of quality work under their belts, and we use only the highest quality products on every project. Casey Turner Construction is a family-owned and operated small business. We offer our clients the very best in shower remodeling, bathtub remodeling, tile installation, bathroom countertop installation, bathroom additions and more.

Bathroom Remodeling Jonesboro

If you are looking for licensed bathroom contractors in Jonesboro, Casey Turner Construction is the team to call. Are you tired of your old showers? Do you want to upgrade to a more modern bathroom? Are you considering tub to shower conversion? Do you need to upgrade your bathroom tiles? Would you like to change your bathroom sink? Do you need someone to remodel the plumbing in your bathroom? Do you have an older house with inefficient pipes and leaky showers or tubs? When water begins to make contact with other materials in your house, mold can become an issue - especially inside walls behind older tubs or showers. A bathroom remodel can become a necessary health decision in cases like that. The presence of mold is a serious health hazard. Our new bathtubs and showers are made with moisture in mind, and we will ensure it is properly sealed and drains are efficient and adequate. Your property will be protected, and you'll love your new shower or tub built by Casey Turner Construction.

At Casey Turner Construction, we offer excellent bathroom design ideas and a team who can make your dreams come to life. We value excellent customer service, and our top craftsmanship makes us the best choice for bathroom renovation needs in Jonesboro and the surrounding areas.

We only use high quality and premium bathroom materials for all our projects, and our bathroom designers are known as some of the best professionals in the industry. Talk to us today and we can show you some of our custom bathroom designs.

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Bathroom renovations will be built within your budget. Contact us today and let us know your project needs. Our team will get in touch, take measurements, and get a plan together for your project.

Classic and Modern Bathroom Designs Weiner, Brookland, Bay

At Casey Turner Construction, we are committed to delivering bathroom remodels of the highest quality on the market.  We have an excellent track record of quality work behind us, and we're happy to share out portfolio for you. We're happy to provide references and photos of previous projects.

Our bathroom designers and installation professionals are highly experienced and able to handle any project, whether residential or commercial. We love working on custom bathroom projects - they are some of our favorites. There are so many options available for new bathrooms. New showers, tubs, bathroom tile, vanity, mirroring, lighting, heating and cooling options, swanky bathtub options, Jacuzzis, hot tubs and more - there are no shortage of design options when it comes to new bathroom construction or a bathroom remodel/renovation.

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  • Bathroom cabinets
  • Bathroom Lighting
  • Tub installation
  • Bathroom countertop installation
  • Wall removal
  • Bathroom expansion
  • Shower door installation
  • Painting services
  • Faucet and sink installations, and more

Our years of experience have allowed us to build a strong relationship and network within the bathroom remodeling industry. We ensure every piece of hardware, cabinetry, flooring, or bathroom accessories are high quality, dependable products. If we can help you with a bathroom renovation, give us a call for a Free Quote. Call at 870-606-8566.

Outstanding Remodeling Company in Arkansas

Casey Turner Construction is committed to continuing to be Jonesboro's outstanding choice among remodeling contractors. Since we are General Contractors who build houses from the ground up, we are able to deal with any problem that occurs on the job site. Our pros will make sure your project is handle correctly from start to finish.

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Casey Turner Construction is proud to call Jonesboro home. We take pride in bettering our community by providing outstanding service to every customer. Our team loves helping clients have the bathrooms, kitchens, and the atmosphere of their home exactly the way they'd like it. Thank you Jonesboro for honoring our continued commitment to excellence by your interest in our business. We appreciate you hiring Casey Turner Construction for all your bathroom remodeling needs!

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Jonesboro Bathroom Remodeling

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Bathroom Remodeling Pros

Professional Construction Services

Kitchen Remodeling * Fences * Decks * Concrete * Framing * Drywall * Flooring * Countertops & Tile

The timeline for a bathroom remodeling project varies based on the complexity of the design and the specific requirements of the project. On average, a standard bathroom remodel may take between 3 to 6 weeks. Casey Turner Construction is committed to providing an accurate timeline during the initial consultation, considering factors such as the size of the space and the extent of the renovation.

Casey Turner Construction offers a wide range of design options for bathroom remodeling to suit various preferences and styles. Whether you prefer a modern, traditional, or transitional design, our team will work with you to create a customized plan. We provide options for fixtures, finishes, and layouts to ensure your new bathroom reflects your personal taste and meets your functional needs.

Yes, Casey Turner Construction is committed to incorporating energy-efficient solutions into bathroom remodeling projects. We can recommend and install energy-efficient fixtures, lighting, and ventilation systems to not only enhance sustainability but also potentially reduce long-term utility costs. During the consultation, we can discuss eco-friendly options that align with your goals.

The cost of a bathroom remodeling project varies depending on factors such as the size of the bathroom, the materials chosen, and the scope of work. Casey Turner Construction provides detailed and transparent estimates tailored to your specific project after an initial consultation. Our goal is to work within your budget while delivering a high-quality and visually stunning bathroom renovation.

Waterproofing is a crucial aspect of bathroom remodeling to prevent moisture-related issues. Casey Turner Construction employs industry-best practices to ensure proper waterproofing. This includes using waterproofing membranes in key areas such as shower enclosures and wet zones. Our team is dedicated to delivering not only aesthetically pleasing bathrooms but also durable and long-lasting spaces resistant to water damage.